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Family medicine in the Bronx is devoted to improving the health and welfare of your family. Family medicine is a comprehensive field covering total health for individuals of all ages. As your primary care providers, our compassionate staff are eager to form trusting, long-term relationships. Accordingly, we are generally a patient’s first contact for health concerns. Furthermore, we strive to offer community-based and societal health insights.


At Eastchester Medical Associates, our doctors base your healthcare plan on multiple aspects, including medical history and lifestyle factors. Family medicine also encompasses internal medicine. Internal medicine diagnoses, prevents, and treats various internal conditions, including chronic ones.


Family Medicine Services:


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Annual Physicals

Annual physicals are the most well-known part of family medicine, and potentially the most important. An annual physical is a yearly check-up and may not be related to any specific condition or concern. Our healthcare experts check your general health during this appointment and screen for potential developing conditions. This is why a yearly physical exam can be essential: it allows us to take preventive measures to avert or alleviate future and present issues. Plus, pre-emptive medicine is typically much more effective. We check the functioning of various body systems, including the heart, head, neck, and lungs. For example:

We can also perform screenings for mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. Your annual physical is an excellent opportunity to voice concerns or ask health questions. We offer lifestyle and general health tips to help lower your risk of certain chronic conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, or metabolic problems.

Well-Child Check-Ups

Children undergo rapid growth and change. Therefore, well-child check-ups can ensure that things are progressing normally. Well-child visits are more common with younger children. Medical authorities recommend a schedule of visits at certain ages, often every few months until the child reaches two years old. Our family medicine experts can plan based on your child’s unique factors.

Well-child visits accomplish numerous things. First, we check your child’s growth and development compared to developmental milestones. Our staff then tracks your child’s progress as they grow. We also perform physical check-ups to help keep your child healthy. Our doctors examine numerous other essential functions, such as:

It can also be helpful to visit with healthcare providers before the child is born, especially for first-time parents with questions or concerns. Your well-child visit will also cover vital topics like immunizations, nutrition, and general advice to ensure your child’s well-being.


Immunizations are an invaluable medical tool to prevent illnesses and keep your loved ones healthy. Immunizations may vary according to time and location. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) compile yearly recommendations for children and adults.


Citing CDC statistics, the AAFP says, “Vaccines have prevented more than 29 million hospitalizations and 1 million deaths for U.S. children born in the last 25 years.* But vaccine misinformation is a threat to public health. Higher hesitancy and lower vaccination rates may lead to potentially deadly disease outbreaks.” As such, immunizations are an invaluable healthcare tool.

Chronic Illnesses

Prevention is always a primary goal, but sometimes chronic illness cannot be avoided. This may be due to genetics, environmental aspects, aging, or other uncontrollable factors. Other chronic illnesses may be due to lifestyle factors, such as poor diet, alcohol use, smoking, and lack of exercise. Regardless of the cause, we’re here for you and your family to detect developing disorders and personalize treatments for each patient.


According to the CDC, “Chronic diseases are the leading cause of illness, disability, and death in America.” However, as your family medicine and primary care provider, we utilize advanced internal medicine techniques to help improve your outcome.

Diabetes Check-up

The National Diabetes Statistics Report from the CDC shows some worrying trends. For example, “38.4 million people of all ages or 11.6% of the U.S. population” had diabetes.” Diabetes is a national problem, made worse by poor diet and lack of exercise. This condition is likely to increase with age, and people with diabetes may not always know they have it.


The report adds, “8.7 million adults aged 18 years or older who met laboratory criteria for diabetes were not aware of or did not report having diabetes.” Therefore, diabetes check-ups are essential for diagnosing the individual. The first step is to identify if someone has pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or gestational diabetes. Check-ups detect changes in a patient’s condition through various tests that measure blood sugar levels. They allow us to monitor your progress, prevent diabetes from worsening, and offer lifestyle advice.

Age-Related Illnesses

Even people who follow the healthiest lifestyles may eventually suffer from age-related conditions. As we age, many tissues within the human body begin to break down. In addition to the effects of time, cellular damage occurs due to lifestyle and environmental factors. For example, soft tissue pain and disability often result from repetitive stress during daily activities. Mental health can also decline with age, often due to a combination of factors such as physical health issues, social isolation, and cognitive changes.


The function of numerous other body parts can begin to decline. This decline can present in various ways, such as reduced muscle strength, decreased joint flexibility, diminished organ efficiency, poorer vision, and hearing loss. Additionally, conditions like diabetes, pulmonary disease, and osteoarthritis are becoming more common in some groups. Unfortunately, these are increasing and can lead to countless hours lost to illness and injury.

Sick Visits (Children and Adults)

Sick visits can help prevent or treat common conditions. If you have concerns about your health, it’s essential to contact our expert healthcare team. To identify the cause of sickness, we begin by assessing your medical history. We may also do various tests, such as a physical examination. To help us better diagnose your issue, you should be as detailed and comprehensive as possible in describing your symptoms and their duration. We see patients (both children and adults) for multiple concerns, and some of the common reasons for sick visits include:

Getting sick causes lost productivity by often resulting in missed work days. However, efficient primary care can get you back on your feet sooner rather than later.

Family Medicine Near Me | The Bronx

Family medicine in The Bronx can make all the difference in your family’s health and welfare. Our expert team is here to offer personalized treatments, preventive care, and education. As a community pillar, we strive to provide compassionate healthcare services while forming trusted, genuine relationships with all patients. So please don’t hesitate to contact us today or fill out the form below to learn more about family medicine near you.

Goals and Core Values


Building effective strategies to meet health goals and to improve the quality of life in our communities.


Building successful long-term healthcare provider and patient relationships.


Building a comprehensive platform that is inclusive, efficient and adaptable.


Building positive community based support teams and strategic linkages.


I have been going to this facility for years. The staff is professional and always makes my experience a good one. The facility is extremely clean. Dr. Cardaci is pleasant and extremely professional. I highly recommend Eastchester Medical Associates.

Felicia P.

This was my first time at this office and my experience was great. I was able to make an appointment the very next day after contacting them. When I arrived I was seen right away, the staff was welcoming and friendly and Dr. NEREIDA was also nice and answered my questions and concerns. I will definitely be returning.


Had the most welcoming and caring service at this clinic. The front staff is very helpful, patient, and careful. Dr. Cardaci made me feel understood and educated me about everything that was to get done. Highly recommend!

Miranda T.


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